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    Protect the skin against harmful sun rays, repair and replenishes dead skin cells, and leave the skin firmly toned. If you desire a clean, clear, and glowing, caramel skin tone without lightening your skin. this is for you. are you brown or dark-skinned and looking forward to brightening your skin? then, this should be your first step. our coconut body lotion gives a clean, clear, and glowing caramel skin tone without whitening the skin.
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    Day spot corrector with SPF 50 and night repair. 2 in 1 set 25g each BENEFITS: Dark Spot Corrector instantly brightens skin, with a high-potency formula that absorbs quickly to deliver our highest concentration of Vitamin C. With highly concentrated Accelerated Retinol SA, this advanced corrector works to renew the look of skin, brightening skin's tone and helping to improve the look of stubborn dark spots and discoloration, revealing noticeably more even, younger-looking skin in just four weeks. Suggested Usage: Start your day with our Orange peel face soap, Follow with Alpha Arbutin lightening Face serum, Then apply the appropriate amount of Corrector Day Cream in the morning, rub gently to the whole face and neck, until the cream has been fully absorbed by the skin, Repeat the same process at night to unlock your skin's youth potential and see it spring back with new bounce, glow with radiant vitality. Color: Day- white, Night yellow In just 4 weeks, 96% of women said their skin felt lighter, toner, and firmer. For LIGHT Skin. Ingredient: Rose oil, safflower extract, lotus extract, jasmine essential oil, sandalwood essential oil, sweet orange essential oil, rosemary essential oil, deionized water, glycerol, cetyl stearyl alcohol, isopropyl alcohol palmitate, liquid paraffin, urine Cysteine, dimethylsiloxane, tocopherol acetate, methyl glucoside, glyceryl monostearate, sodium hyaluronate, perfume.
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    Niacinamide creams with SPF++50 baby skin Benefit: It gently on the skin. It helps to improve dryness, roughness, and darkness of the skin, leaving the skin moisturized, whitening, and smooth, creating elasticity and tenderness. Sliding skin, fresh and feminine romantic fragrance continues to linger, rejuvenating and radiant, Effectively remove freckles, dark and to restore newborn skin. Suggested Usage: Make sure to remove the stopper on the jar before dispensing. After a bath, dab your skin with a clean towel leaving in some little water on your body that way the herbal moist and essential vitamins contained in the cream will lock into your pores for better results. then dispense some amount of the Fresh body lotion on your palm and apply on the body “only”, concentrating more on the tougher parts of your body, for a perfect even Light skin. be consistent and trust the process, to be used morning and night.  Ingredients: Palm oil, Glycerin, Niacinamide, Cstearate, Glyceryl stearate, Hydrogenated Lecithin, Sucrose Stearate, Portulaca oleracea extract, Sodium hyaluronate, Sodium lauryl sulfate For light skin.
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    No matter your skin type or your age, there's one complexion annoyance that tends not to discriminate: dark spots. Whether the result of a bit too much time spent in the sun or the unwelcome, lingering reminder of breakouts past, hyperpigmentation can be one of the most difficult skin concerns to correct. It takes time. Benefit: Extreme Whitening Improves hyperpigmentation removing dark spots lightening Nourishing Face, Body, Neck Anti-Puffiness, Anti-wrinkle, Firming, Lightening, Moisturizer. MAIN INGREDIENT: Glutathione kojic acid
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