This is a Ready to wear a custom wig,
All Custom units come ready to wear, which means the lace is bleached (optional), pre-plucked and cut before shipment.
All you do when you receive your wig is put it on!
Whether you’re a busy mom or college student, the wig life’s meant for convenience.
My units are made to be worn every and anywhere, such an immediate transformation. From work to lunch, to the gym or a night out on the town, my wigs will always be there to make you feel and look beautiful.
Caps are between size S, M, L, and XL.
an extra Adjustable elastic band is not necessary, We can add it to your wig if you requested for it.

All Wigs are Guaranteed to Last for three or more years with proper care.

All Custom orders will be shipped and received within 15 days.
All packages will have to be signed for. All units are final sale. No returns/exchanges.

2.Wig Name: Malaysia Curls
Weight: 300 gram
Price: $400
Length: 8 inches long
Colour: Natural
Cap: Medium to Large

Coloring Charges Apply!

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